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my last day email appreciation

Tgh aku lepak² tunggu masa sblm aku balik…tiba² aku terasa mcm nak send email jer kat sume kengkawan aku di Hospital Serdang nie.

so aku pun copy n paste menaip lar ayat kat bawah nie…hehe


Dear all,

Sadly, today is my last day here with IBA Health and I want to say to all my friends and colleagues, what a wonderful and rewarding experience it has been working with all of you. My time here at the Hospital Serdang site has given me a chance to grow, learn, succeed and truly come to love what I do.

I am fortunate to have worked for a great management team and I have learned and benefited from working with each and every one of my colleagues. While the people who have influenced my career are to numerous to name, I want to say, thank you esspecially to all my colleagues in Hospital Serdang. You have given me confidence to take the next step and accept new challenges. Please know that any measure of success I have in the future is directly attributed to each and every one of you.

Over the past year, I have come to see this branch as my second home and all of you as my second family and I will miss seeing you each and every day. Unfortunately, every new beginning starts with an ending. While my time here at Hospital Serdang is drawing to a close, the friendships I have made will last a lifetime. I know that personally our paths will cross again and I hope that perhaps someday, professionally as well. Again, thank you, from the bottom of my heart and my sincerest wishes for continued success and prosperity


p/s: sebenarnyer ayat nie aku copy n paste jer dari internet hehe. Aku tak ingat lak mana aku dpt….huhu


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  1. hehehehe..

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