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USB Broadband not working after install VMware Workstation, VMware Player, VMware vSphere Client, VMware View Client

For those who is new to VMware, maybe will face difficulty when trying to connect to the internet using USB broadband device after installing VMware product. (Workstation, vSphere Client, View Client, Player etc)

Actually, this is a well known issue. There is nothing wrong with the USB device. Just a minor bug in VMware (hopefully this will be fix in latest verison released. So far that I know, VMware have fixed this issue in their version 8 workstation)

Uninstalling then install back the software WON’T solve the issue. Much more simple solution is available 😉

Go to services.msc

Look for VMware USB Arbitration -> right click -> properties ->  Stop the service & on startup type, choose “Manual” 

Final Step -> Restart your notebook @ PC and your USB broadband device can be used normally 🙂


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