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Finding MAC address for Nokia E72

Most have difficulty finding MAC address on Nokia E72 phone. Actually, it is quite simple. You just need to key-in a combination of numbers and the MAC address will appear on the screen.

The code is as below:

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**This code also can be used for all Nokia phone that having WiFi.**

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58 Responses

  1. tnx alot…

  2. thnx

  3. thanks a lot……………


  5. Perfect….Keep it up guy

  6. purchase of Nokia E72 mak mate

  7. thanx a lot it helped , i am really grateful

  8. Good Work Buddy

  9. worked perfectly. Thanks! 🙂

    • look carefully letters under these numbers on a mobile phone’s keypad. it’s saying
      *#MAC WLAN#

  10. Thanks. It’s help me a lot

  11. thanks 🙂

  12. I am able to find mac address in E72

  13. thanks//

  14. Thankx

  15. Thanks mate

  16. Thank you so much. It was very helpful


  17. google search for E72 mac address find this post, flawless!

  18. thank you.

  19. Fantastic!!!!

  20. Thank you. 😉

  21. Thank you verry Much 🙂

  22. thank you for the great info. it is very useful.

  23. Thanks from turkey

  24. thanks from turkey :)))))

  25. thanks dear

  26. Excellent information.

  27. thanks a lot

  28. my nokia E72 has 12 digit WLAN mac address. Is it correct ? shouldn’t it be 16 digits ?

    • It is correct. MAC length is 12-digit hexadecimal and seperated by “:“. Example: 01:23:45:67:89:ab

  29. is this work for my E71?

  30. Superrrr thanks!


  31. thank you very much for the info, now i can setup mac adres filtering in my router again

  32. thank you for the info, now i can set up mac adres filtering in my router again.

  33. salaam’s bro… thanks for your kindness because i setup my linksys modem wireless connections MAC Id filtering… but i forgot one of my friend connected with his mob E72… thanks a lot for this information and keep it up and may Allah bless you always…

  34. thanks. did’t find it in my nokia menu. but now i can go on wifi

  35. thank u, it was really useful, now i can use the free university wifi net 🙂

  36. Thanks !

  37. Thanks a lot,

    it helped me to set the local wireless network…

    ON3TG, 73

  38. Thanks Alot ,,,,, this info is really useful

  39. Thanks i’m now able to connect to my MAC address filtered WIFI lan.

  40. succeeded. now I have save wlan for my mobile
    thx again

  41. mny thx. was great help for us

    regards R

  42. So fast I found my Mac. Great =)

  43. Thanx Very much,it is very useful.

  44. Thanx very much.It’s too good.

  45. Really thank you for this information…. i didn’t think even this type of easy steps is there to find the MAC. once again thanks

  46. THNX

  47. can I change it please ?

  48. Correction – the code is easy to remember on a standard digital keypad with the letter groups beneath each digit. It corresponds to: *#MAC0WLAN#

  49. Extremely useful, thank you very much.

    (It’s simple to do, but the code isn’t simple to remember!)

  50. wow this was sooo useful.
    I cant believe Nokia made this appear like a magic trick….so frustrating. seasme open…

  51. Very helpful indeed!

    I wonder why Nokia does not include this essential information in the product manual…

    Thanks for making up for their omission!


  52. Ur all welcome 🙂 glad this little info help

  53. thank you so much for the information..very helpful (^_^)V

  54. tqvm 4 d info. Helps me a lot

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