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HJSplit. Join/Combine .001 file

Many of my friends ask me, what is .001 file and how to view that file.

Actually, the file wont work just by itself. Usually .001 file will come together with another .00x file (x can be any digit). As example, see picture below

.001 file is a part of one whole file that has been split/cut to pieces. Certain softwares can be use to perform such task. The one I’m always using is HJSPLIT.

HJSPLIT can perform various task such as:

► Split (cut/broke/split one whole file to many pieces)

► Join (combine/join .00x file)

► Compare (compare two files)

► Checksum (check for data checksum integrity)

Here I will show how to combine a series of .00x file to become one whole file again.


1) Open HJSPLIT software. HJSPLIT is a freeware. So feel free to download & use it 😉

2) Click on “JOIN” button → then click on “Input File

3) Click on “Start” and wait until it finish joining the file

4) U can now run/play joined file 🙂





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